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Zanda Zakuza- Awuyazi Oyifunayo ft Bongo Beats (Official Audio)

Zanda Zakuza delivers her new smush single titled ‘Awuyazi Oyifunayo’ . On the song she features world renounced producer and DJ, Bongo Beats.

(C) 2019 Open Mic Productions
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Comment (29)

  1. my south african friends sang the chorus for me back in varsity in 2003 and it was literally mind blowing…this didnt have the depth I felt that day…I wish you would 'remix' it and do it justice. That being said, its not bad though.

  2. Honestly for me, knowing the root of the lyrics shame, the traditional version, the dj did put much effort to make this sound traditional, go down to rural areas listen to how they sing feel the song how they dance for it then you create better beat than this. kodwa thats just me
    the voice is perfect though


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